ECEM (English for Civil Engineering Mastery)

Yeni ECEM (English for Civil Engineering Mastery)

About the Book

The book ECEM (English for Civil Engineering Mastery) is an integrated skills-based ESP course and practice book in academic English for Civil Engineering students.

·      The course book includes eighteen units based on at least five sub topics from general to specific and simple to complex.

·      Each unit has a primary warm-up part along with various reading and vocabulary activities.

·      Reading activities are designed to help students study the comprehension of the passages and vocabulary.

·      A comprehension practice follows each passage and demands a comprehensive study of the text.

·      Vocabulary practice along with exercises and some other language activities are given for the purpose of students to study technical vocabulary within the texts.

·      In some units cloze tests are given relating to the same topic in the unit to check students’ vocabulary comprehension.

·      Each unit has also translation and writing parts: in the translation part, students are required to translate the given passage into their native language as an assignment;

·      In writing part, various writing topics, closely related to the reading passages, are assigned to students as in-class activities or as homework.

·      The most common 300 field-oriented vocabulary.

·      All in all, the book covers almost 500 comprehension and vocabulary exercises.


      Kitabın Adı:    ECEM (English for Civil Engineering Mastery)  

       Yayın Tarihi: Şubat 2020

       ISBN:   978-605-68604-6-1

       Baskı Sayısı:   1. Baskı

       Dil:  İngilizce

       Kategori:    Mesleki İngilizce  Öğretimi

       Sayfa Sayısı:   212

       Cilt Tipi:   Karton Kapak

       Kağıt Cinsi:  1. Hamur

       Cilt Tipi:   Karton Kapak

        Boyut:      16 x 23,5










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